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I have setup VMWare ESX to use iSCSI countless times, but today, during my Support call to VMWare I realized I had never done so via the command line, which was exactly what I needed to do. Luckily, there is a handy KB article on VMWare’s webpage.

Basically, this KB gives us step by step instructions on setting up the vSwitch and Port Group for iSCSI, but it misses a few key elements needed for a successful configuration:

  1. TCP 3260 outbound needs to be opened on the ESX host to allow communication.
  2. The Software iSCSI initiator needs to be enabled
  3. Send/Discovery Targets need to be added
  4. The HBA needs to be scanned for disks

1. To configure the firewall:

esxcfg-firewall -o 3260,tcp,out,iSCSI

2. To enable the Software iSCSI Initiator:

esxcfg-swiscsi -e

3. Send/Discovery Targets need to be added:

vmkiscsi-tool -D -a <SendTarget> vmhba33

4. The HBA needs to be scanned for disks:

esxcfg-rescan vmhba33
esxcfg-swiscsi -s

In step 4, you may choose either command, esxcfg-rescan scans a specific HBA (in this case, the iSCSI HBA), and esxcfg-swiscsi rescans all Software iSCSI HBAs. It is also important to note that the HBA for iSCSI is not always 33; but unless you have more than 33 physical HBAs, you shouldn’t run into this problem.


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